Sunday, 2 December 2012

Cold times ahead and the adverse effect on not being able to skate as much has meant i've been melting my brain making lots of stupid pictures and slaving over the prospect of having lots of deadlines. Pretty hard life having to draw and make stuff eh? well not really... Fingers crossed my fingers don't fall off from frostbite and I learn how to mend holes in clothes properly, but happy christmas and hopefully i will get a proper website soon so don't have to read useless crap like this. now go enjoy the pretty pictures yeah?

Colab wall with my man Lorenzo! fun chaos! 

Those were some abstract experiments playing with different scales and techniques to create a little body of work over two weeks, for a project entitled "the bigger picture"
Two week book project, all screen printed collection of images of street textures i've spotted, hand bound and a long time printing. I've got a few left so email me if you would like one.

I've got a couple of these prints left, two colour silkscreen 26cm x37cm on 300gsm acid free paper edition of ten and the first ever print run i didn't get fingerprints everywhere! gotta love them print beds! email me if you're interested in owning one.  

Here's my piece for a show I helped put on called The Art of Rolling for skatejam, where all the money we raise will go to putting sending out skateboarding equipment and teach ramp building to the young people out in Gaza hoping to give them a voice and positive focus and interest. Thanks to everyone who came to the exhibition!

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