Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A couple of walls from a month or so ago. The top B-movie themed wall was painted with the
excellent Dubz and Flo! Always a pleasure to get whacky with! 

A few spreads from the sketchbooks. Fill ya pages!! blank paper looks hideous! 
 Got this Welcome deck deck the other day. Used some of my collections of monster picks from old comics to make something gnar to look down on! Possibly the most fun board i've ever owned! I feel like a shark when I pop up curbs fast!
Winters approaching fast, and the car park refuge must be found! Manny sessions on!
It's weird how much fun you can get out of bits of concrete when you skate.
Above's a little logo I designed for Wonder Rollers. Which is a project my good mate, Rich West is doing with a me and a few others documenting some of the amazing skating that goes down in the south east!! Check out the link to see some heroic titan shit, like this amazing photo of Pat!  
Also I painted this at Boomtown Fair where we built a mini ramp with www.skatejam.org
Which is a charity skate project. Keep an eye out on their website for new projects and skate related goodness! Also as part of it were putting on a skate art exhibition with some amazing names confirmed. Keep an on The Art Of Rolling blog to see the artists, and for full event info soon!
Also keep an eye out for Loaf related madness. A new company I'm working on with, my man Patrik Hiley-Throrne 
Hopefully some fun things in the pipeline for this!

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