Thursday, 1 January 2015

It's been a while since I posted anything, so here's a mass of images of things I've been working on the past months..

 Here's a couple of boards I gripped for the poster for GRIP THUMB exhibition, 
a small exhibition in Brighton celebrating griptape art from various local and further afield artists.
It was a really fun night and a great crowd, run by some good dudes.
 I also screenprinted some bits of grip, which is available alongside a zine documenting the show and other bits and bobs from people here

Here's the board I contributed to the exhibition. A portrait of my friend, all done with bits of grip and stickers.

 Also here's a logo I designed for my housemates metal band, below is an old life drawing which I redrew for their CD release.

Go check out MOODHOOVER here!!!

Occasionally I have picked a can of paint, the results of which I'm not too sure...
 Above is a preview of my newest screenprint, which will be available for sale soon from  

 Above is a couple of little painting, I did in collaboration with the very talented Johannes Mundinger, when on a recent trip to Berlin.
 And finally some bread related nonsense


(p.s I also now have an Instagram account for more recent updates and stupidity)

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