Thursday, 19 November 2009

House Rules!!

I have been skateboarding for quite a while now, and since year one have gone into the local skateshop and pestered the people behind the counter, as countless other kids do, trying to wangle some free stickers and ask what ABEC is the fastest ( i now know that ABEC means nothing at all! and if your realy cool then bones reds are the dogs'!). The Boarding House is the only skateshop in Exeter and has build the skateparks and run numerous cometitions in the area supporting both the skateboard and BMX scene. A huge thanks to Tim the owner for giving me the opportunity to get some doodles on a deck and for continual help and support. This is a shop that has been going since 1984 and i hope they stay open for time to come, so go visit them! These decks are available in sizes 7.5, 7.75 and 8 inches, and cost a very reasonable £35!

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